shipping worldwide since 32 years

we need a mascot!

The first step is to understand you well when you order a mascot, second is listening to your character.
Because each character has unique senses asking different sets of details

as soon as we get expectations of brand...
your character turns out to be the boss!

why does a mascot exist ?

it is not a trivial detail of your brand.
Mascot, is business card of your brand.
Mascot is the face of your brand on the street.
Mascot is the sole and real touch to your customers.
Mascot is the hottest communication with your customer..

That’s why, should not exist at all instead being a weak and low quality.
a low quality mascot damages the image of your brand.
Because the impact of these memories are much more effective, also is reflected somehow to media, TV and internet.
they are resident, real!

we warn our customers about all these facts, who plan to have a mascot for the first time.
Because quality; not just estetic, neither similarity with design nor material!
Quality is sum of all these and more. Consumers feel the quality, even they don’t know the reason, when they look at it, touch it.

basic issues of quality in mascot production

lightness of head
Performance of animators is remarkably increase when head of mascot is produced from ultra lightweight material. So, we don't need to reduce the size of head.
body ergonomics
Some mascots are highly muscular. Despite this fact, extraordinarily produced body design saves the ergonomy.
quality of textures
craftsmanship is as important as materials in creating texture. consumers distinguishes that quality as soon as they see or touch it.
quality of details
Especially details like teeth, strikingly increases impact, must be produced in depth and dimension.
impression of looks
the most impressive way of communication of mascots is their look. We get alive, glazing looks with multi layered epoxy resin cast eyes.
ergonomy on foot
foot size of animator must be considered in production of shoes, They must be flexible, light weight and wrap the foot. That not only has an effect in performans on fields, totaly defines it.

we love hosting our customers at our studio!

This is the best way for us to understand the brand, and expectations, also for you to have a notion about materials and production>But this is not the case generally because most of our customers are abroad or overseas.
Fortunately in this internet age we have a chance to proceed by sharing video clips and images in various ways.
Brief meeting is the part we record your expectations.

will your mascot be active in field?
Need to use arms, hands actively?
Need to jump and roll?
Expected to perform sports?
A certain date to attend an event?
will be used just one time or many times?
Expected an additional capability? (animatronics)

Gathering these information we arrange set of materials and samples.
Most of our customers forget about us after they approve the design!
They trustfully know that; our creative team at work to get right decisions at every phase of production!

character comes first!

one that will represent the brand!

You are in search of a brand new character.
one thet can represent your brand, maybe a group of products, or maybe your service.
You are not certain about whether it should be an animal, or a human or a fantastic being.

Then, it is a good idea to consider qualifications of your brand.
Upon getting a brief from you, we build a proposal inspecting characteristics of the brand.
Muflon on the image, is a character we designed for Lefke European University.
They use their character much more than they expected because they get a comfort and functionality beyond their expectation.

There are certain issues in production of a mascot costume.
  • Uniqueness (remainding no other one)
  • Stick in the mind (increase brand awareness)
  • Distinctivity (bearing details that will catch eyes in crowd)
  • Effectiveness (whatever the mission is)
We highly recommend you paying attention to these issues, whether you prefer us or a free lance artist in character design process.
Since a long time, international world wide brands highly considers these issues in character design to properly adopt to mascot production to gain dynamic performance on fields.

phases of character design

İstanbul Akvaryum Pinguin character
  • we start the sketching assigning the artist who is experienced on the style and content of your concept.
  • Have a preliminary election of rough majority present you the strong alternatives.
  • upon getting your preferences and comments apply revisions
  • coloring costume and accessories down to the bits of details present you the final artwork.
  • Upon your approval we start the production of mascot costume.
Balıkesir Basketbol Spor Klübü (Balki)
French snowman

each character is a new adventure!

first taking care of character well!

This is the stage where the whole team is focused on improvind solutions and getting the rightmost decision.
The meeting never ends until they get the perfect possible solution urging the limits of materials, technics and design!
As well as reaching the most estetic, most comfortable, lightweight combination of solutions, the aspects of these solutions such as regarding shortest possible production time, easy trouble free use are decided at this stage.

A mascot can be produced in various different ways.
But finding out the rightmost way is crucial not to find yourself in trouble when it is too late.
originating from wrong or incapable idea, brings you at a point where you find yourself amidst irriversible problems too late to change everything.

we have to settle down all questions at this stage not to let our customers fall in troubles on the field and comfortably use their mascot.

each mascot asks for something new!

speciality of each mascot is different!
needs a different point of view.
a different way of production,
a different material,
a different texture
a diversity of solutions!

because a production method just by heart
and standard,
is incapable to realize different characters!
providing ergonomy in a muscular body
defining the type of body
proportions to an average human body
setting the sight of vision

everyone talks about 3D now!

But it is not as easy as it seems!

Most of the mascot producers all over the world are dealing with it.
But taking the artwork and making a free lancer to model it is not solution.
Modelling is a process that 3D graphics artist is constantly involved in communicating with creative director and team while realizing revisions in interaction !

Beyond that. Modelling specialist has to be experienced in mascot production ! Because, he should know the off set values, he has to leave empty for covering material, thickness of fabrics or long haired plush.

This is the most crucial phase of transition that our artwork is transformed to a 3D character. loyalty of proportions to original design, correction and estetic details are setteled at this stage.

don't you detect a fake smile?

then let your brand
smile happily on street!

This is the phase where sweetness of your character too takes place.
impact and expression of smile is shaped when model is created.
when we are given models already designed, they are revised here for production.
Depth of a dimple shows an unprecedented impact.
technical experience and artistic background
Mastery of modelling can not be downgraded to technical speciality or hardware.
Creative vision and imagination is crutial in our mission.
if you take a look at artwork of Ihlamur character, you can easily detect how successfully transformed the character to 3D model in estethics and expression.
  • ultimate similarity when compared to original model.
  • impact of smile and expression
  • Defining the place of sight of vision
  • Revisions for maximum ergonomy
  • Deformations to provide extra capability for dynamism

highest loyalty to original design by cnc tech!

illustrating the character
constructing 3D model of character
Shaping character by CNC machinery
Mascot of character

we designed and manifactured both of our cnc machinery!

What does that change?
  1. Outsorcing the CNC operation is an additional high cost.
  2. Any revisions will increase costs because of uotsorsing.
  3. Any flaw will require a new CNC operation or an effort to fix and hide it. It forces mascot producer to hide the flaw to avoid the doubling expence of CNC operation.
  4. It is not possible to ask for adjusting setup according to material in outsourcing whereas there is freedom to do it inhouse for better results.
  5. Thats why outsiders avoid changing setup for low density ulltralight material which is unusual to them.
  6. Another great advantage of inhouse production gives us a chance to shape small items like accessories and details; for insctance we produce light weight, flexible shoes that fits and wraps foot perfectly.

twin products of 3D modelling.

illustrating the character
constructing 3D model of character
shaping character on CNC machinery
mascot of character
illustrating the character
constructing 3D model of character
shaping character on CNC machinery
mascot of character

CNC is the perfect tool for intricate details!


heroes are born here!

in hands of masters, demanding and content work

As we declare often, we love laughing.
it's a fact that some occupations are much fun, so as ours!
there's art as much as math ! and entertaining is a part of art!
planning; strict calendar decreases stress, leaves time to joy.
tension is a short lasting case here, turne into laughing instantly!
Adaptation and texture application
Production starts with adoptation of parts shaped by CNC. Now the structure of form is ready. Now it's turn to apply texture where required.

It is an irriversable process, therefore parts matching each other are checked to see if everything fits perfectly.

Because we use an ultralight material it looks like a surgery operation.

each and every character we produce is a star!

There is no "superior", "more valuable", "famous" character!
Each character in our hands is our star.
All characters left in our hands deserves utmost care!
That care in production starts from material.
If our instrument is plush, it's quality is distinguished as soon as you look or touch it.

huge impacts of trivial decisions!

millimeter is not a tiny unit!
In some cases it can turn a smile into a skewed, a look into antipathic, an expression into melancholic one. There we stop and feel a need to ask our team members. this is not a weakness rather a master's attitude.

such an enterprise requires a crowded crew

So many experienced hands l!
Because combining so many parts in different size can only be achieved by collaboration of a team, something that's a necessity of mascot production. in a withstanding cooperation.

!character defines the proper production path

each and every mascot asks for something specialr!
No doubt some issues are harder to handle. Deciding the right combination of materials to preserve similiarity to original design and at some point has to provide flexibility in spite of materials not so soft at all. This is the situation where composit materials and applications take place!

there's human inside!

Never to be forgotten along way the production!
Lightness, utmost lightness!
Ultra lightness despite huge size!
enormous accessories,
ergonomy and comfortability!
and utmost possible sight of view

shoes are doping of a mascot costume!

special design shoes to each mascot!

Nothing is by heart, no standard moulds!
As each character has a unique visage, they have unique feet or shoes too.
We design them on computer and produce on CNC top to bottom.

light weight like a bird, flexible as well!

and it wraps the foot!
Because we ask the shoe size of animators and produce that perfectly fits their foot.

Now ! who cares the difficulties on field!


time to make up and delicacy!

To dazzle !
There are rights and wrongs in mascot production. But dazzling is not because of only mastery of a well produced mascot, moreover requires an artistic vision and touch. Therefore we consider a creative mascot producer as an artist too.

soft transitions in artistic coloring.

is crucial!

Elegancy of the whole
is determined by details!

elegant design of eye lashes for an impressive look!

Laser cut
As we have nothing standardized, we stick the design of eye lashes as essential complimentary part of looks
sharpness, twist of lashes, angles are important.

epoxy resin cast for shiny glossy eyes!

Communication center of character
It takes two days to be solid chemically for epoxy eyes .

But it worths to devote this time. Because eyes mean core of communication!

time to make up and delicacy!

To dazzle !
There are rights and wrongs in mascot production. But dazzling is not because of only mastery of a well produced mascot, moreover requires an artistic vision and touch. Therefore we consider a creative mascot producer as an artist too.

soft transitions in artistic coloring.

is crucial!

Elegancy of the whole
is determined by details!

elegant design of eye lashes for an impressive look!

Laser cut
As we have nothing standardized, we stick the design of eye lashes as essential complimentary part of looks
sharpness, twist of lashes, angles are important.

elegant costumes dazzling!

costume design is our long experience three generation!

Inherited obsessive care on details inherited from mother!
“Aaaa they inserted photo of their mother!”
How come not sir?
Our estethic foundation, passion to our mission and consciousness of distinction in dressing versus fashion has been budded there.
She is beyond being an extremely talented tailor, also exquisite buttons, accessories designer and provider.
One can say "just button" .
But we can not sir.
Because we have learned by witnessing.
it is something you can judge taste of someone.!

quality of costume boosts the impression of mascot character!

Costume is as important as mascot.
doubles the impact of mascot, makes it unforgettible, more magnificient.
We laminate fabrics, to make them look tough like toys.
Lamination is a process where fabrics are pressed with 3mm foam layer. so fabrics never wrinkles.

dressing comfort while keeping the form

fatty or athletic
we maintain a comfortable performance while keep their special forms.

custom graphics design printing of fabrics, cloth!

We designed and manufactured a wide plaid fabrics for shirt of Dominos, and fabrics for horses of Azerbaican adopting sample native motives elaborately.
Paying special attention to perfectly fit belly and hips.

exclusive costumes for exclusive events, activities.

Side by side with Leaders!
Aspired quality on mascots gains extra importance in international organizations.
Our mascots shaking hands with leaders dazzled the audience by their elegance.

Ohm ! naturally we are honoured to be preferred for Asgabat Olympic games character too.

Magnificient and athletic!
The most important solution in this projeect has been exhibiting the limits of comfortable mobility despite a robust, muscular inner garment,
In this project broad and thin laces used along side of the jacked.

character is the boss on decisions of costumes too!


reaching a conclusion!

departing in 3D modelling environment, wooden craftsmenship on CNC, vacuum press, taking off casting mould, adaptation, sand paper, painting, polishing

quality asks for hard work!

Quality asks for prescience!
asts for intution
Do not under estimate accessories
Quality distinguishes it too!

Accessory is uniqueness!

creates a difference!

boosts the impact and makes character distinctive.
Of course that happens only when accessories are elaborated!
We manufacture accessories in dimension by 3D CNC technology just as designed.

Let your logotype be lifel long!

Keep your eyes on accessories!
We often witness the loss of candy like accessories. Of course we reproduce them, but it is a good advice to be alerted!!
big accessories!

a sweet
a detail!

changing materials but unchanging elegance, exquisity!



obsession of quality
in every phase!

time to seek and find faults!

We are the customer!
we constantly look from their eyes.
Even this is their custody, our mutual child. we feel responsibility!
To see how remarkable elegant, lovely, and to endure in life and be healtyy!
That's all what we struggle for.

Oo Kaay ! Now i will detect a flaw!

Our Ceo is at quality control session!
Does ventilation system of that properly works?
Can you lay your head back?
Okay, now side ways please!
Do ears vawe?
Are you sure about that sight of vision!
Did i ask you the decay on my teeth?
Ok, that's enough, i am out.!
Do you think, that's ok now ?!
If you hang so hard, it breaks of course!
No! shouldn't break anyway!

Our production manager is a merciless quality controller.
Because of his brutal realist style we keep him away our customers, but in fact he is the most rigorous customer!

Female decisions!

just a little bit down more
just a little bit up more!
There are lots of decisions in mascot production till last moment.
from depth of a spot on a strawberry, to distance between teeth and tonque, or to natural merge of head plush extension with the body, lots of female decisions.!

from the starting point to the end quality control!

Not just before deliveryl!
Even the most plain mascots is not allowed to leave atelieri, without an intense inspection from top to bottom!

Gradulations ! well done !

This is the most important one of all!

Happiness of our customers! The best reason of test and delivery in our atileri is having a chance to see smiling face of our customers. Unfortunately because most of our customers are so far away, we witness their response on happy emojies in messages. it always makes us happy in any occasion along way the production from start to end. you are welcome any time to see also our line of production.

just two accidental delay in 22 years!

That thay, at that hour, at that place!
We do know that there is no point in getting your mascot late, unless your mascot is there, at that place, on that day, at that hour! Calendar, dead-line, delivery time is essential, crucial to us. All parts are checked twice, upon photography and video session, submitted to staff or our customers demonstrating and getting signed approval. Demonstrations are shared as images and video over internet for international orders.

from national to internationl!

%60 export rate!
Since 20 years time from east to west, from north to south, we export our mascot costumes.
our deliveries are punctual and in full.

What on earth they force our mascots do!

run mascot run, cheer mascot cheer up!

Duty of mascot is the hardest one!
Do not say just looking at the photo on right, “Ah yes, it looks hard” ! Hard to find such a lucky mascot in life :)
Mascots run, jump, cheer, hug and dans. That's why they exist. And it provides a long life, to use, to transport and keep them in a proper manner.
Of course each mascot has a warying weakness special to character form, material and usage.

it is the face of brand. do not dishonor by undressing everywhere!

Neither mascot
seems charismatic
neither you!
Mascot, should never take place in field unless dressed properly. All parts should be kept aside and never let be seen to audience unless put on as a whole. It should preserve it's unity along activity!

and other points of attention, attention!

2. prefer a protective case on delivery!
That is the best way especially boutique elastomer production. Mascots are quite durable and flexible but leaving anything heavy on them bears the risk of deformation in time.
3. insist on each transportation in it's own protective case!
In every short or long distance transportation, the safest way is keeping mascot in it's own protective case.
4. hand over the responsibility of mascot to animators!
Mascot should be handed over the responsible person, animator declaring that it represents the value and part of the brand image.
5. keep and never lose the attached photo on delivery!
That way missing parts can be easily detected at the end of activity.
6. do not place used shoes close to the head, especially face!
And keep them separate, away from even costume and other parts. They have the risk of contaminating everything.
7.When you handle heads touch them sideways, from up and back!
Do not touch the fabric covered face as long as it is inevitable. Be sure that you touch with clean hands when required.
8. Do not forget to charge adaptors!
Lityum ion batteries are in service for 6 hours. you shouldn't forget to charge them right after activity.
9. Ventilate costumes!
As you know, animators dans, sweat. At the end of each activity please turn the costumes inside out for ventilation half an hour.
10. keep mono block costumes hanged on their posts!
If you want to keep them laid down the floor, please turn them upside down once a week to avoid deformation. attention to epoxy eyes!
There is no other way to produce these beautiful eyesi. :) just do not hit hard to crash them!
Don't let it make you scared!
Just a little attention is enough indeed.! Unless you use it harshly, your mascot will be kept intact, run from activity to activity! Even if you break or lose some parts no matter, what are we here for waiting ?